Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Christmastime, Pretty Baby. And the Snow is (not) Falling on the Ground

It's finally Christmastime (at least for law students)! And it could not have started better. Beckett had his choir showcase at church last night. It was precious. I'll post part of the video later. Tomorrow, he has his Christmas program at school. That video will get posted as well.

Beckett has made his Christmas list. Here it is:
(1) Drums (and, because Santa has lost his damn mind, he's getting them. But shhh, don't tell Beckett).
(2) "Noisy" guitar (I have no idea what this is about).
(3) Microphone, microphone, speaker, speaker (yeah, this is a karaoke machine he saw at Costco. Shockingly, it has 2 microphones and 2 speakers.)

I thought for this blog, I would include the things I love the MOST about Christmas (or rather, things it's just not Christmas without):
(1) "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" -- Gayla Peevey
(2) The Nutcracker (the music, the ballet, the everything. I heart it a lot more than I should).
(3) On a related note, it's just not Christmas until our Nutcrackers are placed on the stairs.
(4) "Last Christmas" -- Wham! (THE BEST. Don't argue with me, you know you love it, too)
(5) Lenox Christmas China
(6) "Dominick, The Italian Christmas Donkey" -- Lou Monte (Although this year, it just makes me think of "Jersey Shore." Which , I guess I'm okay with)
(7) It's a Wonderful Life (Best. Christmas. Movie. EVER.)
(8) Elvis Christmas music

I'm sure there's a ton more stuff, but I have cleaning to get to. Hope everyone has a great Christmas!


Anonymous said...

I saw microphone microphone speaker speaker at Cosco and thought of Beckett.

Lyndsey said...

When I am a mother, I will ban all noise making objects. Ours will be a house of silence and zen.

Of course I know this is impossible, but a girl can dream.

Betsi said...

Oh Lyndsey, I thought the same thing. Noise, I suppose, is a small price to pay for B's extreme and unadulterated happiness on Christmas morning.

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