Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hoarders Episode # 68: The Betsi Edition

There is something about the start of a new year that just gets me super motivated to clear out, clean up, and generally trash everything I've accumulated over the preceding year. 9 days into the new year and what started as a cathartic cleansing of papers and other assorted items that have found themselves in various stacks and piles around my room has officially become a major overhaul. What should have been simple -- pick up paper, think is this vital to my existence? (If answer is yes, then stick in file folder and put folder in file cabinet. If answer is no, then throw away. NOW. Before you change your mind.) -- has become anything but simple. Cleansing has become rearranging and moving and changing. I have filled 3 trash bags and have barely scratched the surface. I get sidetracked, severely so. I want, no need, to go through every notebook, folder, stack, etc. Even ones whose contents I looked at a week ago. And I swear, if I had a house instead of just a room in which to keep things, A&E and Child Protective Services would be outside my house, ready to film Hoarders and take my child away because there was no room for him and all of my stuff, too.

And not only do I get sidetracked and delve in WAY too deep, but I procrastinate. So school starts Monday and you can barely walk through my room. I really need help. Most likely of the psychological nature.

Lady Gaga on Pandora does seem to help, though.

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