Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Year Isn't That Long, Is It?

Talk about a blog hiatus. In order to get myself back on the blog bandwagon, I'm going to try out a 30 day blog challenge I found on another blog. I don't believe I've ever blogged for 30 days straight, so this will, indeed, be a challenge. Here's what I will be blogging about for the next 30 days:

Day One: Introduction, a recent photo of yourself, and 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Day Two: The meaning behind your blog title.

Day Three: A picture of something you cannot live without.

Day Four: A habit you wish you didn't have.

Day Five: 15 songs that represent your life's soundtrack.

Day Six: A picture of somewhere you've been.

Day Seven: A hobby you have.

Day Eight: A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

Day Nine: Short term goals for this month and why.

Day Ten: Something/someone you're proud of.

Day Eleven: A story about a past relationship.

Day Twelve: A picture of something you dislike.

Day Thirteen: Share a secret.

Day Foruteen: Write a letter to someone telling them something you could never tell them.

Day Fifteen: A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

Day Sixteen: Put your iPod on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that play.

Day Seventeen: Something you could live without.

Day Eighteen: Someone you would want to switch lives with and why.

Day Nineteen: Plans/dreams/goals you have.

Day Twenty: Nicknames you have and how or why you have them.

Day Twenty-One: If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Day Twenty-Two: Share a picture from your day.

Day Twenty-Three: What makes you different from everybody else?

Day Twenty-Four: What is something you crave?

Day Twenty-Five: What would I find in your purse?

Day Twenty-Six: Places you want to visit before you die.

Day Twenty-Seven: Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

Day Twenty-Eight: A picture of you last year and a picture of you now - how have you changed?Day Twenty-Nine: In the past month, what have you learned?

Day Thirty: A picture of you today and 20 goals you wish to accomplish.

Here we go:

Day One: Introduction, a recent photo of yourself, and 15 interesting facts.

If you need more introduction, you're in the wrong place. See above.

Also see above for a recent photo.

15 Interesting Facts (Well, interesting to me):

(1) I am on the downhill slide of my last year of law school, and by "downhill slide," I mean I had my LAST class yesterday. Graduation is May 21st. I can honestly say that going to law school was NEVER the direction that I thought my life would take, and yet, here I am -- a mere 29 days away from my J.D.

(2) Literature means more to me than I am really able to express. Someone once told me that there was no point in reading fiction because those things never happened. I couldn't believe it.

(3) I have a beautiful, hilarious, and brilliant 5 year old son, Beckett. Biased? Sure. But anyone who knows him knows that I am really not exaggerating that much :)

(4) Speaking of B, those of you that know me really well know that this past calendar year has been the hardest of my life. I'm not going to get into any details, but let's call it "Betsi's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year." That about sums it up.

(5) I have recently learned that I am the kind of person who is (relatively) quick to forgive. I like this about myself.

(6) That being said, there is a line you can cross and karma is a bitch.

(7) I can quote Shakespeare and Dumb and Dumber.

(8) Much like Ross on Friends, I will correct your grammar while we are having a conversation. I'm sorry. I know it's annoying, but I really can't stop.

(9) I am a daydreamer. A bad daydreamer. Well, maybe that's a good thing.

(10) Starting May 1st, I'd like to be more vigilant about my health.

(11) It has to be May 1st because we are living between two apartments right now and everything is a little chaotic.

(12) I'm moving!

(13) I believe that a good, I mean really good, dirty martini is sometimes all you need.

(14) I believe I will start writing letters again. Who doesn't love to get mail?

(15) I believe I will starting writing again in general. I have missed it so much.

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Hillary said...

Glad you are back! Welcome back to the blog world. It's fun here.

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