Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween, Makeup, & Law School.....Oh My!

So, I know it has been FOREVER since I blogged. Please accept my sincerest apologies.

So, Halloween 2009 came and went. This year, Beckett was a Frog Prince. Pictures to follow when I get them from my mother's camera. He LOVED trick-or-treating and even told my neighbor that she needed to fix her doorbell when she didn't answer the door fast enough. On a related note, we had the world's brattiest children come to our house begging for candy. I can excuse Beckett's insistence that the doorbell was broken, our's is, so he doesn't really know any better. But when Beckett is 9 or 10, he will -- under NO circumstances -- ring a stranger's doorbell and DEMAND candy. UNDER. NO. CIRCUMSTANCES. If I teach that child nothing besides good manners and a basic level of respect, I will consider his childhood to be a success.

Speaking of respect (or a lack thereof), Beckett and I were hanging out before school one morning this week. Suddenly, he turned to me and , very seriously, told me, "Go put on your makeup." I asked why. Mistake, very large mistake. His response? "Because that's how you look pretty." Thank you. Note to self: Teach Beckett to never, ever, under any circumstances, say that to another girl again. This observation came on the heels of my 26th birthday, so it was particularly unnerving.

Law School Update: Finals are getting very close. Don't expect to hear from me. I will be in a study cave with only Red Bull and despair to comfort me. But, come December, I will be half way finished!

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