Sunday, May 24, 2009

He is Hysterical & Doesn't Even Know It.

This conversation took place a month or two back, but it is SO good it must be recounted here:

Boo: "Beckett, what do Mama's friends call her?"
Beckett: "Betsi."
Me: "What do Boo's friends call her?"
Beckett: "Jodi."
Boo: "What do My Buddy's friends call him?"
Beckett: (thinks for a minute) "My Buddy doesn't have any friends."

And B also walked up to my car, pointed at the word "Volvo," and said, "That says 'Betsi's car.'"

Never boring with that one around :0)

1 comment:

..::p::.. said...

LOVE him. (and you)

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