Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tender is the Afternoon

Beckett went down for a nap around 1:30 this afternoon, and since then, I have done nothing, and it has been fantastic. Well, I read some more of Tender is the Night, listened to some Edith Piaf and Ray LaMontagne, and g chatted with P. Lovely.

And, I went for a 30 minute-ish bike ride last night, and this morning B and I went on an hour-long walk. I am so glad the eather is finally nice, humid, but nice. 

It is a damn shame that classes have start back (at least for Brandi, Caitlin, & me) on Monday. But, on the bright side, they are night classes, so I'll still be able to enjoy my days with B!   

1 comment:

..::p::.. said...

p. lovely misses you.

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